Antonin Scalia

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Name Professor Course Date Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia left an impact in the United States and I believe he deserves a place at Mount Rushmore. He was remarkable in the field of justice and law. He was among many one of the prominent figures in the legal sector. He served in the supreme court of the United States as an associate justice till he died in the year 2016. He performed exemplary on the bench via his work and his numerous decisions that were made on a conservative basis. He had diverse traditional thinking hence a great believer of conventional methods. He extended his intellectual influence down the hierarchy through schools of law and up toward American energized conservative politics. He gave birth to the today’s conservative legal movement (Rosen). His rigour and intellect had an effect in court as he made it a rather interesting place. He transformed the court from a sloppy, results oriented place, to a better and interesting rigorous centre-right court. This is because the arguments raised in his court became captivating and exciting to follow forming a large part of the American conversation. Other judges took up his methods bringing about the modern conservative legal movement. He made the law much more understandable for the American people. He additionally changed the Supreme Court views to the public. He was the greatest writer from the Supreme Court (Rosen). His writings are easily comprehendible for the lawyers and law students who will be forever grateful. Through this, he brought change to law as he neatly and capably packaged the law for the American people. However, via his eloquent

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