Anton Chekhov Essay Samples and Topic Ideas

Chekhov On 29th January 1860, a great writer was born. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was a great writer born in the port town of Taganrog, South Russia and his great work is still relevant in the modern world. Chekhov’s mother Yevgenia Yakovlevna Morozov was a daughter of a popular cloth merchant. Chekhov’s father, Pavel Yegorovitch, was a grocer. A third born in a family of six children, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov’s work can be described as ambitious, tragic, ironic, bizarre and full of action. The work inspires readers to think beyond their environment, provoke them and sometimes even mock them with the intent of making them see the reality that is often hidden beneath the daily events and...

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Anton Chekhov`s ‘Gooseberries' is rich in language, structure, and themes. The author examines the theme of social injustice and the quest for fulfillment throughout the narrative. Moreover, the story focuses on how landowners are hypocrites ignoring the less fortunate and the hollowness brought about by personal achievement. The tale uses a lot of symbols to represent different aspects of life, and we are going to have a detailed look at some of these symbols. Gooseberries are used in the story as Ivan tells Bourkin about his brother, Nikolai. Nikolai saves for many years in order own an estate with gooseberries. He was finally able to own such an estate at the expense of his wife and when Ivan...