Antigone Tragic Hero Essay Samples and Topic Ideas

English literature includes many plays, novels, tragedies that every student should read. You might have to compose an Antigone tragic hero essay. Antigone is the heroine from Sophocles’ tragedy “Antigone,” daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta. The essence of the tragedy lies in the fact that Creon issues a decree prohibiting the burial of Raspberry’s body. When Antigone comes to the city, she violates Creon’s decree, gives her brother’s body to the ground, and becomes a criminal.

In your essay, you can write about why Antogona believes that she can break laws, oppose the will of the Gods and be a martyr. Or you can raise the issue of why Antogona hangs himself without reaching his goal. It would be exciting if you compared a real person who challenged the authorities and Antigone. The tragedy is quite complex and confusing, so you can always seek help from experts who are well versed in the topic.

heroic Oedipus Tyrannus prepared the ground for his downfall. It was his free will to fail. He charted his destiny regarding his life which was characterized by numerous pitfalls. Oedipus led a catastrophic life, and he never enjoyed the trappings of power that comes with being a great leader such as a king (Segal 25). He had numerous mishaps with his parents since he was a young child. Though it had been prophesied regarding some of his failures, he immensely contributed to most of them. Oedipus Tyrannus tried to avoid some of his mishaps to no avail. King Oedipus rule in the Greek Empire was characterized by cruelty, frailty, evil, and other numerous errors that negatively affected people either...