Antibiotic usage

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Antibiotic Usage Antibiotics are powerful medicines deployed to treat bacterial infections among humans and animals. It would be unfair to ignore the benefits penicillin and other antibiotics play in the fight against bacterial infections, preventing the spreading of diseases and minimizing some diseases from developing into acute or chronic cases. Antibiotics work by preventing bacteria from multiplying through reproduction or killing them. According to Christian, the human body is designed with an immune system that is composed of white blood cells for fighting harmful bacteria. There are occasions the immune system is not in a position to counter bacterial infections and this calls for antibiotic usage but caution should be taken to avoid misuse and overuse of antibiotics (Nordqvist, Christian). According to Mayo Clinic, antibiotics are progressively losing their effectiveness at an alarming rate. Users of antibiotics must be warned that persistent use of antibiotics limits the body’s ability to fight bacterial infections. Bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics and therefore cannot be used to treat bacterial infections (Neu, 1066). Inappropriate prescription of antibiotics is an issue that needs to be addressed before it escalates into an everyday problem in the healthcare industry. Any individual who develops a bacterial infection is at risk if the issue of antibiotic resistance is not addressed promptly. However, persons whose immune system is weak to fight bacterial infections are vulnerable to harmful infections which may lead to death in acute cases. They include new born babies whose

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