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Anti-Immigration Immigration has been in existence in the United States since the last years, and today the influx of people into the United States is high. The issue of immigration continues to cause great debate among the people who are for it and the anti-immigrants in the United States. In the 20th century, Congress enacted some laws that limited the number of those migrating into the U.S like the Act restricting Chinese migration into the U.S. The immigrants are accused of causing divisiveness, competing with the locals for jobs and resources. Moreover, they have been accused of increased crime today, and in the past, in the areas they all reside in. However, the migration of the people into the country has led to positive results both economically and socially. This paper seeks to look at the reasons against immigration both today and in the 20th century in the U.S and the role of the natives who were against immigration. The United States experienced a great inflow of foreign nationals migrating into the country in the twentieth century. Most of these foreigners came from the Asian countries like Japan and China while others had previously come from the other white countries like Italy and Germany. Moreover, the Jews and the Hispanics also came in. Although there were positive reasons for their migration there also existed great resentment to such large influx of foreign nationals by the Native Americans. They saw this as a threat to them due to several reasons. Firstly, due to nationalism, most the natives who were anti-immigrants feared that the national identity of the natives which they were proud of could easily be distorted by the huge influx of foreigners.

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