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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The Concept of Intersectionality and Solidarity The concepts of intersectionality and solidarity have with time gained popularity in the struggle for women empowerment and the fight against injustices on women. But what do they imply? The term intersectionality was first coined by Kimberle Crenshaw, an American civil rights advocate in 1989. It is used to refer to the overlapping social identities as well as the related systems of discrimination, domination, and oppression among other injustices. It explains how various biological, cultural and social aspects such as sexuality, religion, age, class, gender, race, sexual orientation, ability and nationality among others aspects of identity interact on various levels. Intersectionality proposes that to understand one's identity fully; we should consider each element of a person as linked to all other elements. On the other hand, solidarity is the term used to refer to the support between people fighting for a common course. With regards to women, this may also refer to sisterhood which is used to express the connection between women who are bonded in many ways but who are biologically related. It refers to women’s feminism, the support of other women facing discrimination, and the participation in various women movements and campaigns against unfair treatment of women. The word implies that women relate in a differently way to men unlike how they relate among themselves. Women’s experiences have always been the central concern in various discourses. It is only through the sharing of experiences that women go through that action has been taken against women abuse

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