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Student’s Name Course Instructor Course Title Date Research Questions In writing, a literature review is very important because the writer is able to introduce the research topic. It contains the introduction part where the writer goes ahead to support the topic design and the research question. In general, literature review acts as the guideline on how to write the rest of the paper. All the major points to be used in the writing are well laid out in the literature review. The literature review was so important in understanding well the research review because all the vital points to be used in the topic were included. The main type of sampling used is probability sampling. In this type of sampling, it is assumed that the sample chosen will automatically represent the whole population. The idea to go for the probability sampling technique was a good choice because there is a high probability to get the desired results (Cochran 34). From the article, it is evident that the author of the article displayed the data in a simple way that is easily understandable by everyone. The use of data reduction is very important since any qualitative data is supposed to be coded for people to understand well. The data collected was also protected as well as analyzing all the information that was available. Online participation is a common thing to the students. The results of the research can have an impact on my online course because the online method of teaching has been used before and proven to be successful. Students who are also involved in part-time jobs may find it hard to attend school, therefore, they may opt to have online classes. Work Cited Cochran, William

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