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Name Instructor Course Date If I woke up tomorrow having gained a quality or ability, I would want to have the quality of a paternalistic leader. Being the eldest in the family and having grown up in rice mill business, I have learned “responsibility” at an early age. This responsibility comes with care and appreciation for the people I love, my family. Then I became independent as I spent five years of my life in a boarding school. However, as I watched people come and go, I realized that only a few had a sense of responsibility in their own lives. They did not care about their future. So, I resolve to do something about it by first desiring to have the quality of a paternalistic leader. I believe that the answer to “irresponsibility” is paternalistic leadership. Why paternalistic? Because a paternalistic leader treats his subordinates like family by showing concern and support in their professional and personal lives. By being involved in their personal lives, he then understands his members’ background and orientation. In return, his members will submit to him for the care and protection he gives. Trust and loyalty follow as leader-member exchange relationship is established as proven in countries where paternalistic leadership is practiced (Johnson and Hackman 102). Indeed, a paternalistic leader serves as the model to the irresponsible youth. I can attest to this as I apply paternalistic leadership in the Student Council and the Village School Support Fund where I serve. My members learn to become responsible as I show them how to organize events, raise funds, and teach English in a caring and supportive way. Above all, they entrust their

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