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BUSINESS ENTITIES Student’s Name Course Professor’s Name University City Date Discussing the legal issues in this scenario and advice James, Nick, and William as to their legal position Introduction The issues raised in the JNW partnership case study vary depending on the legal aspect and possible solutions to be realized. In a partnership, a code of conduct is explained of which it provides possible outcome depending on the scenarios. Partnership Act gives elaborated laws essential in guiding formation and dissolution relating to the partner's code of conduct. In the case study, there are various issues regarding a partnership that was not complied and hence making it a legal agreement among the members. Some of the legal issues that James, Nick, and William never adhered to include; not registering the firm, lack of partnership contribution scheme or mechanism, and engagement of unlawful business out of the partnership by Flora. Legal issues It was illegal for the JNW Partnership firm to operate for a long period in business and tender operations without being formally registered. The members of the firm were supposed to have registered the firm to comply with the Partnership Act. A formal agreement is an essential part of the partnership whereby roles, position, and contributions are clearly elaborated (Geddes, 2016, p.66). The James, Nick, and William were supposed to have engaged in a formal agreement showing the organizational mandate and clearly indicating the formal engagement as a company. Partnership Act requires a registered firm to have a clear and elaborated membership contribution and stakeholder proportions mechanisms. With proper

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