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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: One Qualitative methods were the best choice for the study since the research involves giving the theoretical views as well as the scientific views concerning the viewing of the television by the children. The qualitative study was also in order since it was a reinforcement of the issues that have already been researched by the scientists. In addition, there were limited calculations that were involved in the research hence the qualitative study was more appropriate. Two Some of the qualitative methods that were used in the research included the use observation and also the participation of the scientists and parents who were involved in carrying out the research (Jordan et al. np). There were also discussions conducted after the research that did not require the use of the quantitative data and also the discussion in the small groups that were formed for the children together with the parents during the research. On the other hand, the quantitative method was used in the research was the use of the sampling of the children and the parents who were used to carry out the research as well as the data recording of the information found from the research. Three The primary issue discussed in the abstract is the negative impact of watching television by children for a long time (Jordan et al. np). The negative impact is mostly related to the diseases that the children are exposed to such as the brain damage as well as the interference with the eyesight. Four The results got from the research conducted included the time wastage for the children and also the exposure of the children to sexual contents from the television.

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