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Qualitative Interview Name Affiliation Situation one Bearing in mind that many people in the town are interested in listening to or being present during the presentation, I would make the presentation in a towns hall which can be able to accommodate a large number of individuals. I will make sure there will be an effective sound system and visual system to allow all the individual have clarity of what is going on. I will organize my report presentation in chronological order as this will draw attention to my audience and allow them to follow my presentation report in details. To make it more exciting and real, I will invite several veterans who will give primary information about their experiences during the world war. This will happen after narration of what the audience will expect from my previous interviews. It will then be followed by questions from the audience to allow them to explore areas of interest I have not looked into. I would also invite media houses to do a recording and present it to the general population so that those who could not make it would be able to see the proceeding on their television or social media. Situation two The best format to use in my presentation is the inclusion of real-life video clips or present a trailer of a movie which befits the problems the immigrants go through to secure their livelihood in the united states. An excellent example of the film is the "Ellis Island" which best illustrates the conditions and the problems the immigrants pass through. Most of them are not here of their own volition, rather, they were affected by harsh situations in their home country and decided to take refuge in our country. This in

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