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Students name: Instructor: Course: Date: Light microscope 1. When a light microscope with an objective lens of 40X and its ocular lens is 10X, what is the total magnification of the image? The total magnification of an object viewed under a light microscope is the product of the objective lens and ocular lens magnification. Therefore total magnification is 40*10=400X 2. A revolving nose piece is the part of a light microscope positioned right above the stage and holds in position the low power, medium power, and the high power objective lens. Usually, these objective lenses are held in a manner that the revolving nose piece rotates allowing for the required objective lens to be used to achieve the desired resolution. Due to the differing lengths of the objective lens, sometimes when switching from low power to high power objective lens, the distance between the revolving nose piece and the stage should be adjusted accordingly to prevent distortion of the specimen by the high power objective lens. 3. The difference between the condenser and iris diaphragm is in their functionality. The condenser lens serves to focus light from the light source directly to the specimen illuminating it to produce a sharp image. The condenser is mostly used in high-resolution microscopes and in the case of oil immersion microscopy the condenser may be immersed in particular oil to increase the image resolution. On the other hand, the iris diaphragm is a rotating disk under the stage with different sized holes and serves to regulate the amount of light coming from the condenser to ensure that only the required amount reaches the specimen to

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