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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Annual Review Due to the constant production inefficiencies realized, it is imperative for the company to sufficiently address Jim’s performance issues. Clearly, he should be informed about the areas that require necessary adjustments but, in a motivating way. The first important element of the process would be to provide enough information regarding his performance record. In our conversation, I would first make Jim aware of his unpunctuality and other lackluster activities. Also, I would inform of him of the performance expectations of the organization. In this case, it is important to use buffers to specifically address the issues. I would also make inquiries on whether he requires more resources to complete his tasks. While addressing Jim’s issues, it would be crucial adopt an ‘ask-listen approach’ as opposed to a ‘tell-impose approach.' The first technique will be employed by simply asking questions which will assist in uncovering the elements culminating in the performance issues. For instance, I may ask questions that subject him to be open on anything that distracts him from carrying out his duties. I would also ask Jim to tell me the ideas that he harbors for purposes of turning his performance issues around. Worth noting is that taking this approach will assist in setting a conducive environment needed for providing specific solutions for the problems at hand (Kamo 2). Giving Jim both constructive and positive feedback would be necessary for ensuring that he remains motivated in his work. This will be achievable by addressing objective areas where the problem seems to stem. Besides, in order to ensure that the

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