Annotated Bibliography: The Obesity in the New Generation

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Annotated Bibliography: The Obesity in the New Generation Juan Enriquez, and Steve Gullans. "Evolving Ourselves: How Unnatural Selection and Nonrandom Mutation Are Changing Life on Earth." Contributor Biographical Information. N.p., 2015. Web. Nov. - Dec. 2016. The scientist Steve Gullans and Futurist Juan Enriquez conduct a thorough tour of how human beings are transforming the series of evolution. For instance, throughout the world, obesity rates in human beings nearly became twice the number between the year 1980 and 2014. Moreover, there's proof that other animal breeds, from horses fed with pasture to house cats and lab animals, are also getting plump. As stated by United States government bureau, the autism rate increased by 132 percent from 2000 to 2010, an increase which cannot be solely based on the increases in diagnosis rates (Juan 1). 300 years ago, no individual having a severe nut allergy was able to live long enough to be able to reproduce. Nonetheless, today, in spite an environment where the level of food allergies have gone up by over fifty percent in over a decade, more than 16 million Americans are affected by food allergies thrive, survive, and pass these behaviors and genes on to their next generation (Juan 1). “Will Obesity Reverse Rise in U.S. Life Expectancy?” director. Films Media Group, 2012, Public health professionals have long cautioned of a growing obesity epidemic in the U.S. According to Ray Suarez and others experts, Americans are fat and continue to get fatter. For example, two out of three adults in this country are overweight or obese (Will Obesity Reverse Rise 1).

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