Annotated bibliography on radicalization

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Annotated bibliography on radicalization Opening Skinner’s Box is a book that has incorporated numerous experiments that aim at explaining how and why things happen especially when under a mental influence. One test that stands out in the entire book is the one that focuses on obedience. The compliance test was advanced by Stanley Milgram to explain how individuals are tuned to respond to establishments. Milgram suggests that subordinates will behave in certain ways when subjected to systems because there is a notion that whatever they do is for the goodwill of the authority. According to Milgram, a subject should obey the authority since the subject comes to believe that their duty is to follow directives that meet the wishes of the authority solely. Milgram’s experiment further shows that a subject will act without fearing to be held responsible for their deeds since they believe that the authority will be in charge of their actions. The above experiment goes ahead to explain that it becomes quite difficult for a subject to take control of their activities. Therefore, is there any link between Milgram’s tests of conformity to authorities with how individuals are radicalized? My view is that radicalized individuals carry out tasks without having regrets since they have been tuned to be obedient to their authorities and they have a belief that there are no consequences for whatever deed they carry out for the systems. It is through radicalization that individuals carry out terror attacks with the idea that they will be rewarded even if they end up dead. It is surprising that people that carry out terror attacks cause mass deaths without having any regrets and yet

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