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Annotated Bibliography on the Assessment of Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana and its Impacts on the Society Name University Affiliation Date Monte, A. A., Richard, D. Z., & Kennon, J. H. (2015). “The Implication of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado. JAMA Author Manuscript, DOI:10.1001/jama.2014.17057 This article explores the unexpected health effects that result from the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Also, it examines the challenges edible marijuana has on the users' bodies finally; the article gives an analysis of the therapeutic use of cannabis citing that the product has positive impacts on patients with seizure disorders among other. This article will be helpful throughout my paper as it covers the critical variables of my writing which are the legalization of medicinal marijuana and impacts on society. Borgelt, L. (2013). “The Pharmacologic and Clinic Effects of Medicinal Cannabis.” Pharmacotherapy, vol. 33, no. 2. FSU Online Library, DOI:10.1002/phar.1187 This article discusses the positive impacts of marijuana on people with muscle spasms and pain citing that medicinal marijuana helps in easing the pain. Also, the findings of the article show that using cannabis allows people suffering from anorexia since it makes one hungry. The report further highlights on the long-term effects of marijuana usage on a person's body and cites that the impact depends on the amount of cannabis one uses. This article is useful for my research as it will help me in analyzing the effects marijuana has on the people' body exceptionally long-term usage. Also, the information in it will assist me in differentiating the different types of medicinal

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