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Name: Professor: Subject: Date: Annotated Bibliography Jost, Kenneth. "Children's Television." The CQ Researcher, vol. 7, no. 31, 1997, pp. 721-744. This article talks about how regulations should be set in place for broadcasters to air more than 3 hours of educational content in every week. It is also required that the television industry should include content advisories in their TV programs for violence, sex, and objectionable material. The concern has forced the television industry to adopt a rating system that helps parents to know in advance, on the things that their children can watch. In the early stages, the same ratings as those of movies were adopted but were later condemned because the bodies involved with the physical and psychological well-being of children argued that the parents needed to have more information about the program’s contents primarily in sex, language, and violence. The reforms were thus supported by the president of the U.S which pressured the television industry to rate its programs regarding content and age. This was because different programs and movies were instilling violence in the children. The intended audience for this article is both the television industry and parents. It is highly relevant to my research topic because it talks about the effects of television and its contents, on children. Although the article was published in 1997, it still holds a significant relation to the current world because the television technology has reached to the far corners of the world and thus increasing the boundaries of its effects. It is also in this times that more violent movies with sexual and inappropriate language, are

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