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Name Instructor Course Date Topic: Restorative justice versus retributive justice Thesis statement: The restorative justice is encompasses forgiving and emphasizes on healing for the victim, the offender and the society unlike retributive justice which punishes an offender. Annotated Bibliography Tullis, Paul. “Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Criminal Justice?” The New York Times Magazine 4th Jan. 2013. Web. 31 Jan. 2017. <>This is a newspaper article written by Paul Tullis about Conor Mcbride and how he had killed his fiancée Ann Margaret Grosmaire and how he had immediately turned himself in. The Grosmaires are keen on following the restorative justice, and they introduce the McBrides to a restorative attorney. In the end, the Grossmaires forgive Conor and Conor accept the mistake he did. He is remorseful for what he after seeing the gravity of pain in his fiancée's parents. The restorative mechanism helped the Grosmaires to forgive Conor for their sake and not Connors. Forgiveness was their mode of self-preservation and letting go of what happened although they did not forget their daughter. A similar effect was felt by Conor who served a 20 years term not only in the reduction of this period but also by accepting responsibility for his action and not being condemned. He was not absolved of his crime, but the feelings of hatred and abandonment by the Grosmaires were removed. The additional duties imposed by the program self-motivate and rehabilitate the participants. In this manner, it ensures that they will not do such an act again.

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