animal testing for cosmetics

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Name Instructor Animal testing for cosmetics Date Animal testing for cosmetics Animal testing for cosmetics has been an activity that has continued for a long time whereby the experts and researchers who carry out the operation prefer animals over humans because they believe it’s less painful on animals than on humans. However, it has caused controversy where one group protecting animals has been against it while the other party advocating for the continuation of research and protection of human rights have supported the research to be carried out on animals. It’s clear that animal importance outweighs animal importance hence the research/testing should be carried out on animals but there is a need to ensure the operation isn’t painful and it doesn’t result to the death of the animal.Festing, Simon “Animal Research.” Ecologist 9 (2003). 6 Nov. 2005. <>. The aim of Simon to write this article was to reveal the importance of this act of animal testing for cosmetics and how it can be disadvantageous if it results in the death of humans. Its audience is anyone researching the issue, to those using cosmetics and to those who care about animals.This article is a debate between the two sides of animal testing, Festing is protesting while Ray is anti-testing. Simon Festing argues that animal testing is a critical part of scientific testing. He points out that it is required that new medicines be tested on animals before being distributed to humans for further testing. He also argues that animal research has already played an important role in scientific research for drugs, antibiotics, and even drug transfusions, and with more

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