Animal Rights

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Animal Rights The ethics of animal rights is a controversial issue. The conflict exists when balancing the human need for meat and other services from animals. In the quest to satisfy mans’ need for meat, billions of animals are slaughtered. On the research front, laboratory experiments use an estimated two hundred million animals around the world. In this case, they are subjected to all sorts of torture in the name of research so as to benefit humanity. Pessimists argue that a huge portion of these laboratory animals are subjected to discomfort and pain. On the worst case, some of them die as a result of stress and infections during testing of drugs. Similarly, about two hundred and fifty million game animals are shot by hunters in the United States, increasing the cases of torture on animals. In as much as people continue to consume meat from different animals, the condition under which they are kept in farms, labs, and factories questions whether they are living things (Franklin 24). People keep animals as their resource and do with them as they please disregarding the fact that they experience pain and stress. As such, there have to be ways through which animals are treated despite the fact that they are used to satiate man's desires. That means acts of subjecting animals to unnecessary stress and torture should stop. A few movements have come out strongly with the view of preventing animal cruelty such as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals established in 1824 (Berlatsky 121). Its goal from the onset has been the protection of horses which for long have been mistreated. This movement has also managed to counter some ills such as the ban on blood

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