Animal rights #2

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Animal Rights Introduction Animals are an important part of the surrounding. They are significant for several aspects of the ecosystem and are part of the existence and sustenance of the environment and human life. It is mandatory for human beings to safeguard the rights of the animals in the surrounding the same way human beings would want their lives to be protected. Besides, animal liberation is frequently used in the place of animal rights, implying that the most fundamental needs and interests of non-human animals need to be addressed in a similar manner as the corresponding desires of human beings (Cherry 14). It is important to treat animals properly and respect them the same way human beings treat each other well. The topic of animal rights is widely covered in applied science or philosophy courses in several universities in the United States and Canada, for example. Societies should support and encourage animal rights to ensure that their lives are not lessened. Human beings should protect the domestic animals and even the wild animals because the animals also wish to live, and fear death. The paper argues that when human life is at stake only then the animal rights should be volatile not for clothing, cosmetics, and other human pleasure. Views of Animal Rights Philosophers have different opinions about the issue of animal rights. The abolitionists’ perception is that animals have moral rights. One of the abolitionists is Gary Francione, who argues for the promotion of ethical veganism. He holds that animal rights organizations that follow welfare issues like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) increase their chance of making the society feel

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