Anglo-Saxon Hero

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Anglo-Saxon Hero According to the literature of the Anglo-Saxon, a hero was usually a warrior. The hero was supposed to be strong, fearless and intelligent to protect the vulnerable members of the society during any warfare. Beowulf is the epitome of an Anglo-Saxon hero. He displays strength, courage, and fearlessness from time to time whether fighting sea monsters, Grendel or dragons. An Anglo-Saxon hero must possess a lot of strength. A hero must be both robust and courageous; Beowulf displays these qualities through his quest. The author claims that Beowulf possessed the power of thirty men. He had the ability to lift a massive sword that was made by giants, and no human being had the energy to lift it. He used this sword to kill Grendel’s mother. An Anglo-Saxon hero is supposed to be fearless and courageous. Despite knowing how evil Grendel murders people and how strong he was, Beowulf led his men to the land of Danes to offer help. He tells Hrothgar that, “They had seen his strength for themselves. He had driven five giants into chains, chased all of that race from this earth." (Clark, 38) His determination to fight the monster from whom many warriors have feared in the past brings out his courage and fearlessness. He is not scared of any creature and his determination to prove that he is a hero is huge. He also fearlessly pursues Grandel's mother into underwater where he decides to kill her. He does this alone without any help; it is a difficult task, but with determination and relentless efforts he succeeds. His followers are pleased with his success, and they praise him with songs. He is not afraid of death, and he leads his men in fighting the dragon. He is

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