Anglo American Conquest, the 1830s-1910s.

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Anglo American Conquest Introduction History reveals that Mexicans started living in California and Texas since the late 1700s. In the beginning, the Mexicans were sparsely populated on what they referred to as far-flung ranches. However, some also settled in the nearby towns. In the earlier stages of their settlements in the California, the Mexicans were allowed to manage the local governments freely without any form of interference from the much established central government (McWilliams 92). Therefore, it can be argued that at the beginning, the Mexicans were welcomed in the California. From this experience of the managing of the local government, Mexicans began to develop an interest of the self-government. Besides, they were for the idea of the republican government as opposed to the capitalist enterprise because they were heavily influenced by both the Yankee revolution and the 18th-century Philosophers. By the 18th century, California was invaded by both the Anglo and the Euro immigrants. These invaders made the Mexicans feel very uncomfortable because they grabbed the land, married their daughters, they were capitalists, as well as they were not Catholics (McWilliams 89). As a result, the conflicts ensued among these groups the result was the colonization of the Mexicans by the Anglo-Americans. Therefore, this paper will cover the approaches such as economic strategies, brute force, and attitude made by the Anglo-Americans erode the Mexican rights in California, Texas, and New Mexico and how the Mexicans responded to such oppressions before and after the Mexican War. Economic strategies Anglo-Americans just like any other groups of individuals knew that the best

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