Anglo American Conquest, 1830s-1910s.

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Anglo American Conquest, 1830s-1910s. With the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the Mexican-American War was over. The states of “California," most of “Arizona," “Nevada," “Utah," and parts of Wyoming and Colorado were annexed along with other lands. The aftermath of the war brought about a vote in the U.S Senate to ratify the land acquisition, and it was passed after a win of 38-14 for the motion. This abrupt change had drastic effects on the native Mexicans, 90% of whom chose to remain. It is widely acknowledged that the Mexicans who decided to join the U.S.A had extremely adverse effects. (Truett160-178) After the revolution, the Mexican government enhanced individuals from the United States to settle in their country. The factions that migrated to Mexico comprised of diligent farmers and ranchers who prompted the possibilities of development. The government issued land to those who had a knowledge of Spanish and native languages. Those who married Mexican women and came from the United States were no exception because they too acquired land and deluxe opportunities such as being granted Mexican citizenship. The strategies were meant to establish development schemes by attracting productive settlers. During the early1930s the number of Anglo-Americans outnumbered that of Mexicans. In some parts of Texas, Interaction and exchange of culture became a norm among the two parties while in other regions especially in the east Anglo-Americans refused assimilation of culture and restricted others to learn aspects of the Mexican way of life. Despite that, intermarriage between settlers and natives became a norm with the sole purpose of acquiring land.

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