Angels in America

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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Course: Date: Angels in America Angels in America is a play that was written by Tony Kushner. It was performed in theaters in 1991and made into a miniseries in 2003 starring some great Hollywood names that included Al Pacino and Meryl Streep. The play is not only enthralling, but it is also entertaining and very educative. It focuses on real issues such as the scourge that is HIV/AIDS, societal reactions to homosexual relationships and ethics at the workplace. At the time of its release, society was not as accommodating as it is today in matters of sexual orientation and life-threatening diseases. The following paper will highlight the issues that the play focuses on and how society treats real life individuals who are represented in the play. After reading the play and watching the mini-series, I was filled with a profound sense of anguish, pity, and sadness. The biggest of the three emotions was anguish. I felt annoyed that characters such as Roy Cohn exist in real life. He represents a particular group of individuals who believe they are above everyone else. To him and people like him, some lifestyles such as gayism are responsible for terminal diseases such as HIV. His arrogance is portrayed when he tells his doctor that the virus is only for the gay and there was no way he could contract it. Instead, he refers to it as “liver cancer.” He also epitomizes unethical behavior in the office and will do anything he wants. He even confesses to having been involved in the execution of Ethel Rosenberg. Reading the play also filled me with sadness. This is because it is clear that people are still segregated based on their

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