Angela’s Ashes

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Angela's Ashes The movie presents tough stories of Mr. Frank McCourt’s upbringing while looking back to an attractive and romantic view of destitution. Frank and his family are seen to be trying as much as they can to evade the poverty endemic that they encountered in the slums of pre-war Limerick. In the introductory part of the film, the family lives in Brooklyn, but after the passing of one of Frank’s siblings, they return home, only to encounter a worse situation they were before. Prejudice against Frank’s father makes his quest for a job in the Republic tough despite having fought for the IRA previously. However, when his father gets money, he spends all the money on drinks. McCourt’s voice is a clear indication of what he has seen. On the other hand, Bennett’s voice points out the things that he has heard. The outcome shows a film of excellent pictures and great craft, lacking a core. Although Frank’s family undergoes such a robust experience in the slums, other children had a similar experience or a worse experience compared to the one Frank faced. Children whose families also had many siblings, who might also have died due to malnutrition while their fathers’ also drunk up dinner down the local pub and their mothers’ threw themselves on the mercy of sniffy local charities. However, Frank McCourt’s autobiography seems to be more special since it has been conveyed using the very words h used during the incident. The experiences that Frank passed through, disconsolate as they were, were not squandered on a mere casualty, but it somehow shaped him into the man he is today. Another fact about the film is that

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