Andy Warhol

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Name; Instructor: Course: Date: Andy Warhol and the effect of his work on politics Introduction Andy Warhol, a renowned artist of the 19th century, was born in 1928 as the fourth born in a family of four siblings. His drawing career kicked off in the 1950s. His first paintings were for advertisement purposes. These gave him fame across the country and with no time he was becoming a star in the art field. In his career, he mainly addressed contemporary issues. These ranged from advertisements (as portrayed by his coca cola painting of 1962) to beauty (depicted in his Gold Marilyn Monroe painting) to politics (as represented in his Mao painting of 1973). Andy believed that art good art was based on every day to day object and sought not to complicate it. From these everyday objects, he made paintings that portrayed deep meanings and that were easily understood by the audience. A good example that described simplicity in his work is the Campbell’s Soup Cans painting in 1962. It is believed that soup was a major part of his diet as would take it on a daily basis and therefore, chose to make a painting of it. A simple painting that depicted the situation the supermarket. It is believed that the drawing gave rise to a new picture perspective back in the day. Warhol’s art portrayed a strong political message to the people on issues that they were ignoring and considering to be fiction: terrorism, communism and the controversial death penalty among others. In the 1970’s, Warhol halted his painting career and chose to put more of his time in filmmaking. In his films, the themes he addressed included contemporary issue just as in his paintings. He addressed the

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