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Andrew Jackson on 28th of May 1830. It contained an authority to the president to offer unsettled lands to the West of Mississippi, in return for lands belonging to Indians which were located within the state borders. Despite the fact that many tribes resisted, a few of accepted the relocation policy peacefully. The U.S government moved thousands of people Westwards, and many of them died on the forced march that later came to be referred to as the ‘Trial of Tears.' President's Andrew Jackson's message addressed to the Congress that of all the tribes in the state, two important ones had accepted the suggestions made for the removal of the Indians out of their settlements. This, therefore, had it...

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Andrew Jackson the employees consisted of faithful supporters of the executive branch who were also appointed to other government positions as a reward of their patronage. Common to all these employees is the lack of experience in managing the postal service and thus a reduction in output and quality of the service. The experimental nature of the public service institutions requires stable government, policies, and communities to sufficient remain relevant and productive. Similarly, knowledge in the society is essential in the generation of ideas and informing the right planning methods of executing the ideas. In regards to Drucker (2014), advancement in technology revolutionizes education and thus...