Ancient Rome Debate Response

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Models of Persuasion Ethos does not form the valid basis for the accusation. These sentiments emanate from the considerations that; an outward regard of the characteristic of a person may give the wrong perspective. It is essential that proofs have a basis on much more concise elements other than the nature of a person to achieve accuracy. To some extents, logos hold some conviction in a sense that; consideration of reasoning, analysis and argument of the accused in their language may give a hint to facts. Reasoning, argument, and analysis in the language of the accused come from their conscience. However, there is the loophole of oratory of an individual who may form some good arguments which, however, do not hold the facts. Pathos is not a right way of getting proofs as there is a dependency on the emotions of the audience as provoked by the speaker. The weakness lies in the ability of a speaker to arouse high emotions in the audience, even when there happens to be no sound basis for the same. A person may have the capacity to arouse significant emotions in a crowd while they are not providing active elements. There could also be other factors provoking the emotions of the audience, such as the dressing or the physical appearance. The six parts of speech Exordium provides the opportunity for introducing the subject of discussion or talk. It also enables the presenter to capture the attention of the listeners through various means. There have to be deliberate efforts of attracting the attention of the listeners. The narratio part of the speech offers the background information on the subject of talk. This part of expression makes the audience aware of the important

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