Ancient Egyptian dead language

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Name Instructor Course Date The Ancient Egyptian Dead Language The influx of new languages into an ancient dialect not only decreases the latter’s frequency but also plays a critical role to its disappearance. Thus, the question is whether native speakers all die with the style or people just stop speaking the language. The Coptic, named after the Coptic Orthodox Church, like most ancient Egyptian language, has gone through a series of regeneration changes that have steered its extinction. Therefore, it is essential to understand its origin, natives, contributors to its extermination, and measures in place to revitalize the language. The Coptic language Users of Coptic language are estimated to be around 10% of the entire Egyptian population (Tadros 502). This number is considered a minority group whose language is threatened by the incorporation of Islam in the region. Also, Copts were mainly peasant and probably the clergy. Nonetheless, members of the Coptic Orthodox Church are considered the most significant Christian society in the Middle East (Tadros 502). The exact numbers of the Coptic population are hard to evaluate, but rough estimates suggest that they are located mostly in Alessandria. However, Coptic speakers are also found in the neighboring countries like Jordan, Libya, Syria, and other in the West. Factors contributing to Coptic death One of the critical factors that contributed significantly to the death of Copts is the invasion and forceful adoption of Muslim culture in to the language (Sharkey 1856). It is depicted that by around the 7th century, Arab ruler had successfully dominated the region (Sharkey 1856). Under the Arab dominance,

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