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Strategic Analysis of TOMS Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Strategic Analysis of TOMS In 2006, Blake Mycoskie journeyed to Argentina and observed that a large number of children did not have shoes. The observation gave him philanthropy and business opportunities leading to the establishment of TOMS Shoe Company in Santa Monica, California. TOMS is a for-profit charity organization that deals with footwears, eye wears and accessories (Naeini et al., 2015). The company has grown tremendously since 2006, especially due to its one-for-one business model, marketing strategies and attractive brand image (Ahsmann, 2011). However, there is a need to implement changes so that it can gain a competitive advantage over its rivals. In this study, various tools of analysis are used to identify the need, areas and TOMS’ capability to change. Although the current strategies have helped TOMS grow, it needs to adopt a new business model, revise its pricing strategy, and improve its brand image. PESTEL Analysis According to Arar, Yurdakul, and Önören (2017), pestle tool helps identify the macro factors that can affect business. As a result of using this tool, substantial threats to the business can be identified and addressed. Political factors affecting TOMS include democratic government in countries it operates, a well-organized economy in the US, stable political status, favorable foreign trade policies, and government support in the industry. The economic factors include unemployment in countries it operates, import taxes on shoes, rising incomes in areas that serve as TOMS’ customer base, reduced unemployment, and consistent wage growth. Social factors

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