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Analyze an article Name Institutional affiliations Analyzing an article This essay aims at describing the subject matter of one of the article that have been located in and also gives the interpretation of the results, the meaning of the confidence interval and margin of error regarding the subject matter of the article.The article “OLD HABITS DIE HARD: WORKING AMERICANS STRUGGLE TO KEEP THEIR POCKETS CLOSED, Jacksonville, Fla,March 26, 2013 “explores the financial situation in the United States of America after the introduction of the payroll tax. In research that was conducted by Accounting Principles by use of survey, it was found that the introduction of the payroll taxes impacted the daily lives of Americans negatively. An average of One Hundred and Thirty dollars were reduced from the salaries of Americans as a result of the introduction of the payroll taxes. According to this survey, spending habits have been greatly altered hence leading to a change in the social lives of most American people. 20 percent of working Americans who participated in the survey have been forced to cut their spending in various ways. Examples of such areas where expenditure has been altered include drinking joints such as bars and restaurants while a further 19 percent of all respondents have had to do away with taking their lunches. An interesting feature of this article is that 22 percent of the participants have not altered their spending at all and that most working Americans struggle to keep their hard earned cash in the banks for longer

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