Analyze Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” and explain what you think the narrative is saying about the nature of relationships. What values does the story endorse and/or criticize. Remember to explain how

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Name Professor Course Date Nature of Relationships Everyday Use by Alice Walker describes the lives of three women, two sisters and their mother. The plot concentrates on a visit from Dee, one of the sisters, who brings a suitor home. The reactions of the other sister, Maggie, and the mother reveal the kind of relationships between siblings, their parent, and other people in general. The readers discover some characteristics about the nature of relationships. The first one being that they form as a source of satisfaction and acceptance. Culture affects the forms and strengths of relationships between different people. Stereotyping occurs almost instantly in the process of bonding. Lastly, romantic relationships arise as a result of cohesion in terms of the perspective on life and personal character. The story proves that culture can positively or negatively affect relationships in society. Relationships develop as a source of emotional and physical satisfaction. Even though, the mother spends most of her time with Maggie, she also wishes that her other daughter would accept her as she is. She talks about a dream where a famous television presenter hosted her and Dee. Then, the daughter would embrace her with tears as a sign of affection (315). In fact, the mother hopes that one day Dee will see the world beyond wealth and appreciate the simple things in life. The dream continues with Dee giving her an Orchid even though the former thinks that those flowers are tacky. The story of orchid is a longing for the daughter to stop labeling everything and just appreciate the time spent with family. The relationship between the sisters is filled with envy, joy, and fear

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