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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission “How to Live to Be 200” by Leacock criticizes health fanatics The author of the story criticizes the good health practices. The story is full of ironical clauses. The author tries to show that the healthy lifestyle is not important and does not determine the longevity of the lifespan of an individual. The author emphasizes on the poor lifestyles and how they are better to practice than the recommended healthy habits. The author uses satire in when he stresses that the people should not be scared of the bacilli and the germs (Staines, 80). Basically, these micro-organisms are the disease-causing agents. If one is not careful of the microorganisms then he or she might become sick. The author talks as the bacilli are someone's pet. The bacilli cause cholera and diphtheria. He says that cholera is caused by the stomach pains (“Cholera is caused by a frightful pain in the stomach, and diphtheria is caused by trying to cure a sore throat”).The cholera is caused by the bacilli he terms it to be friendly. The author appears to be satirical. Again the author tries to show that the fresh air in the room is not very important. He says that the same air in your room can satisfy the occupant. Basically, the healthy man stood near the window and took long breaths to expand his lungs. That meant that the fresh air was important for the healthy living. The author talks of shutting the windows and having the same air in the room. Again this is too ironical. Furthermore, the author uses satire when criticizes the healthy diet. The healthy man used to eat the healthy foods and avoided lots of meat and

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