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Analytic Essay on How Gender and Race Affect Education Today Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Education is a universal need for all people, but there have been numerous complaints regarding instances of social inequality. Research shows that the female gender and people of color are the most vulnerable victims of education inequality. According to a Huffington post by Kirah T., the current education sector throughout the world is engraved with incidences of race and gender inequality. Kirah discusses this issue from a personal perspective because he is a victim of these two forms of social injustices. Kirah is a black/Latino student who feels that even students in the modern day education system are stereotyped depending on one’s race and sexism. This paper analyzes the existence of gender and race inequality in the contemporary education system. Although many students of color are enrolled and admitted in schools, very few manage to complete their studies without facing an expulsion. This does not mean that white students do not break the school laws, but the fact remains that they are treated indifferently. Kirah argues that a black/Latino student will be suspended from school while their white counterparts are allowed to continue with studies. This has always been the fact, and yet the two have violated the same rules (Kirah, 2017). This comes at a time when there are numerous campaigns against racial injustices. Although the campaigns have been ongoing, it seems the education system all over the US and other parts of the world has decided to turn a blind eye to what is happening in our schools. As the campaign on girl child empowerment continues,

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