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Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Due Date: Comparison and Analysis of News Articles On November, 9th 2016, both Mail Online and the Guardian wrote articles Russian warships driving away a Dutch Submarine that was shadowing their fleet in the Mediterranean. To understand the articles in detail, this paper discusses both articles, comparing and analyzing them. The analysis and comparison will be done in five ways by looking at the following: headlines and pictures, direct and indirect speech, naming, implied reader and the conclusion. Headlines and Pictures The Mail Online has made use of a headline that provides detailed information about the contents of the article. The headline talks of a Russian warship driving away a Dutch submarine. This provides information that the reader may expect in the following parts of the article. It gives the reader the specifics of the article, Russian warship driving away a Dutch submarine, thus contributing to an educational tone of the headline. This headline is also long and does not make use of a particular technique to draw the reader's attention. Rather, it relies solely on the reader's interest to get them reading. The Guardian has a headline that is broad, just like the one from the Mail Online. The headline is also educational, meant for an audience that is already interested on the topic, rather than an audience that should be drawn. Right from the start, the reader knows what to expect of the article as the heading provides a canvas for what comes next. As opposed to the Mail Online, the Guardian incorporates a sub-heading on their article. This sub-heading is meant to give the reader a scoop of the story by

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