Analysis of the University Recycling Program

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Analysis of the University Recycling Program Executive summary Recycling is a social responsibility that should be taken by each institution or organization. We created this program to fulfill this obligation and facilitate recycling throughout the entirety of our University. The key purposes of this business report are to address the current awareness of our University’s recycling program as well as develop and commend specific methods through which more participation can be achieved in the program. We assessed the University’s recycling habit by conducting a survey. We also used this survey to determine the participation of individuals in the current recycling program. A questionnaire was conducted involving 150 students to collect data for the survey. During this study, only glass, plastic, and paper were covered as they are the only ones in the University’s recycling program. Findings and ConclusionsAmong those who participated in the survey, a higher percentage confirmed of being actively involved with recycling glass, plastic, and paper both at the University and their respective homes. Additionally, most of them confirmed that they are acquainted with the significance of recycling. Nonetheless, most of these participants affirmed that they were neither informed nor conversant with the University’s recycling program. Many lacked awareness of where bins were located while others acknowledged their dissatisfaction with the locations of the bins. Results from this study confirm that efforts to amplify the involvement in the recycling program are a necessity in the University. RecommendationsTo boost participation; more advertisement should be conducted; bins

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