Analysis of “The Other Hand”

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Analysis of “The Other Hand” Chris Cleaves’ ‘The Other Hand’ is the story of a young Nigerian immigrant girl called Little Bee who has illegally moved to England after her family is butchered and her village destroyed by people who want the land for an oil field. The author uses first person perspective throughout the novel by narrating the story from Little Bee’s and Sarah’s perspective. The two had crossed paths in a Nigerian Beach in an encounter that entirely changed their lives. The theme of conflict is well highlighted throughout the story; most characters are in conflict with themselves and with the society. Little Bee is in conflict with herself. She has to survive in Nigeria in the midst of the struggle for control of the Country’s oil fields and also in England after her illegal immigration. These situations force her to take on characters that do not reflect her. Little Bee has no choice but disguises herself to prevent her from being killed by the men who slaughtered her family and burnt her village. After her sister was murdered by the men, she disguises herself as a man by wearing men clothing. She also kept her hair very short and never smiled at anyone. She also changes her name in England from Udo to little Bee to save herself from those who wanted her deported and killed. Little Bee wishes she could return to be the simple village girl she was, but she has to sacrifice everything for her survival. She even learns the Queen’s language and becomes very good in it. In defense of the interest in the language, she says, ‘Every word defends itself. Go grab it as it can split into two different meanings.” (Cleaves 12) Sarah also depicts

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