Analysis of the National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security of UK.

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Analysis of the National Security Strategy and Strategic Defense and Security of UK. Introduction The national security of the United Kingdom depends on the economic security of the Nation (Ritchie, 356). For the UK to develop the best security, the primary strategy is to ensure that the economy of the country remains strong. This paper outlines the means and ways that can be used to achieve the set goals for the national security strategy. It connects the decisions on where and how to put effort and avail the use of the available resources to the various choices and their priorities. The country has been advancing economically over the last few years because of being able to stick to the long-term economic plan. The renewed security of the economy will lead to a simplified investment in the security of the UK (Biscop 1297). During the times when the threats in the country were rising due to the great instability and crises and threats of cyber-attacks, the world started being a dangerous place as compared to the past years. This rise led to the government of the UK resolving to spend most of its funds on maintaining security as well as safeguarding the nation’s prosperity. Because of the decision, the UK is the only country in the world which meets the target of the budget spending on matters concerning defense and security. The nation is also increasing the expenditure on the security and intelligence agencies in times of terrorism. To be able to meet its strategy, the United Kingdom has made all its links to the global commerce open and freely flowing (Joseph, 254). The international conditions that

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