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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Analysis of the Book Prisoner without a Name, Cell without a Number In his book Prisoner without a name, Cell without a number, Jacob Timmerman narrates the story of Argentina’s terrorist regime. He describes the conditions experienced in Argentina between1967 to 1978 where military men from one wing of the army controlled the Argentine Government. Also, he also illustrates his personal experience when he was kidnapped and held captive by the terrorist. In this essay, it will critically analyze key aspects that Timmerman points out in this book. Timmerman describes a few important aspects to his readers that underlined the current ruling regime in Argentina. First and foremost, he describes his encounter with another person who was going through the same torture, isolation, and pain as he was (Timerman, 7). This showed how the government treated people who rebelled against the ruling regime. Secondly, Timmerman describes in his book on the chronology of the civil war in Argentina. It was a result of factions between two parties of the government, and all other conflicts that arose across the country were merely by-products of this civil war. Lastly, he narrates on his meeting with Hysteria before he was abducted and the panic that it brought to Argentinians. According to Timmerman, Argentinians are merely inhabitants and not citizens of Argentina since they have no clue of the country they lived. They only view it as a territory. Also, the people are afraid of the government and its terror group. For Timmerman, there is no government in Argentina. The system present is corrupt and untrustworthy. This is evident

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