Analysis of movie crash

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Name Professor Course Date Analysis of the Movie Crash The movie Crash, is a fascinating film that offers a proper sociological perspective. Diversity in the world evidently brought a distinctive crash that enabled the differences to widen the gap. A clear indication of discrimination existence in our today life is clearly portrayed in the film. Crash is located in the suburbs that are diverse in Los Angeles. It revolves around individuals living in the suburbs who are linked together by racial discrimination events. The individuals each represent a specific race commonly stereotyped and judged by society. Their lives are intertwined in the evident of prejudices of race and their decision on how to perceive the events. However, the issues of race and gender reflected in the movie help to form the main theme in the film and also the search for some sort of a human connection. This paper seeks to look at the theme based on sociological perspectives such as feminism through examination of the way the movie handles both of the issues. Crash shows the different lives of different individuals in varying social classes that are the upper middle, middle and the lower class. It starts off showing two individuals with a black skin color walking via a neighborhood which I rate as a middle-class white people residence. One of the individuals is a thug from a lower class descent who believes that every white person is up against him. Sandra Bullock and Brendan Fraser, a couple in the middle age class, walk in their direction and on meeting them the white female (Sandra) holds onto her husband in a much tighter grip. The character played by Ludacris notices her movement and

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