Analysis of Franz Kafka’s The Judgement while reading through a psych lens

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Name Tutor Course Date Psych Analysis of Franz Kafka’s The Judgment Something good about this short story by Franz Kafka is that it leaves a huge room for interpretation by the reader. Thus, the reader can be left to selectively to choose the aspects that they fancy and award them the interpretations they wish. That does not, however, mean the analyses should be erroneous or inexistent. Subliminally, albeit subtly, the issue of the unresolved Oedipus complex in this story cannot be overlooked, and this paper sets out to illustrate just how it leaked onto the literary piece, ‘The Judgment.’ Greek mythology is ancient as they go, and can only compete with the Shakespearean literature when it comes to popularity. As a consequence, the legend of Oedipus is easy to follow. A child is born to the king of Thebes and would have been brought up in the palace, but for an oracle pronounced about him before birth (Bernstein 395). So the father, King Laius, leaves the infant to die in the forest, but the boy lives and grows, unknowingly kills the father in self-defense and goes on to marry his mother after solving a riddle. Unbeknownst to anyone, the prophecy is fulfilled. This is the basis of Sigmund Freud’s theory that explains an innate rivalry between young boys and their fathers over the affection of the mother. Funnily, this affection is not just the unconditional love between relations, but actual sexual desire. This jealousy makes the infant boy to unconsciously wish to eliminate the competition, the father. Naturally, the complex resolves by itself between the ages of three to six years, but failing to resolve is not without ramification. In this text, the

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