Analysis of Case Study One Basing on Carrie Doehring’s Model

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Analysis of Case Study One Basing on Carrie Doehring's Model. Carrie Doehring is a pastoral care and counseling professor, at an institute of Theology called Iliff in Denver. She is a diplomat in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and a qualified psychologist in Colorado and Massachusetts (Doehring, 1993, pg. 3-12). She got ordained by the Presbyterian Religion, and worked in places such as Ontario and Boston in the congregational ministry, before becoming a teacher. Doehring has got a belief that pastoral caregivers ought to view their department by trifocal lenses such as postmodern, modern and pre-modern attitudes to knowledge. According to her, an approach that is pre-modern relies on the divine who is discovered through traditions, customs, and texts that are religious. On the other hand, a modern lens applies methods that are empirical and rational, such as complex criticism of social science, medical knowledge as well as religious texts. However, she says, a postmodern attitude is apprehensive with the social identity and the unique history of a patient. This is inclusive of his or her age, social class, gender, sexual orientation and race. Basing on our first case study, Grace is described as a young girl rooted in religion since her childhood. Being a very attentive participant of church activities, her pastor acknowledges her as a good example of a virtuous young Christian. Grace has got a cheerful personality, but she suddenly changes and appears to look angry and withdrawn, yet no one amongst her colleagues can identify what is wrong with the young girl. With an expression of anger, distress, and fear on her face, she finally opens up to the head

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