Analysis of Case Study One Basing on Carrie Doehring’s Model Authors

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Analysis of Case Study One Basing on Carrie Doehring's Model Authors. Doehring pioneered a Pastoral care model. It demands that the society should understand the emotional, spiritual differences and substantial variations aims at intervention and supporting those who face various challenges and try to provide best possible solution to boost the emotional and spiritual status of an individual (Doehring, pg. 55-73, 2009). According to Grace Narrative, the religious themes that can be distinguished include sex which is meant for married people. However, Grace fornicates hence committing a sinful act which is against biblical teachings. Finally, the person who got Grace pregnant is demanding on abortion, which is against Christian belief. According to Pastoral care model, the individual who is responsible for offering a solution to a client in crisis is referred to as a caregiver and the care receiver is known as an attention seeker. According to this case study, Grace is the attention seeker, where the caregiver is expected to be within the society or a neutral person. The first action in this situation is to listen to grace story with empathy. The caregiver is expected to imagine he or she is Grace. Tries to observe the world based on Grace Perspective. For instances, Grace is only Seventeen years old girl who is quite young to have a child. As narrated in this case, Grace is termed to be a committed member of her church implying that high moral standards are expected of her by the church members and her age mate (Doering, pg.304-305, 2013). Additionally, Grace Parents are active Christians, and they have high expectations on Grace. By wearing Grace Shoes, one needs to

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