an introduction and a discussion paragraph

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Name Institution Course Date An Introduction and a Discussion Paragraph Introduction The need for higher education is increasing on a daily basis, and desire for higher education is becoming of great importance from one generation to another. The number of international students in developed countries like the U.S, Canada, and U.K from developing countries is increasing daily regardless of the high cost of education in the developed countries as compared to the developed countries. This is research focus on the evolving importance of education in the newer generation as compared to the older generations with the case study being China. It concentrates on the current generation’s attitude towards higher education and how they are willing to support themselves or their families in future. Consequently, the research was mainly concentrated on the developing, and the survey was done to the Chinese college students both in China and abroad. The research questions were based on gender, the number of children in the family, who pays the college fees to the student including the extent to which the support is done, etc. To be able to know how the students valued the importance of education in future, they were asked to indication the highest level of education they were willing to achieve and whether they will support their children’s higher education in future and to what extent. The research was also used to know the perception of education from developed country by the new generations in the developed countries. The research was done to prove that high education is becoming of great importance in new generations as compared to the future generation. It is also

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