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Student’s name Instructor’s name Psychology Date Adolescence Humans grow gradually over a period and ultimately mature, empowering people to undertake more roles in the society. The changes are physical and psychological, enhancing a person's thought and physical capabilities. Adolescence occurs during teenage years between puberty and the age of the majority. The changes are demonstrated through biological, cultural, physiological and psychological advances. The changes prepare children for adult roles, paving the way for teenagers to take up their rightful roles in the society. Coincidentally, the changes occur during transitional periods as the teens graduate from being students to being workers or entrepreneurs (Shaffer and Katherine 11). The changes help teenagers to transit into adulthood smoothly. The attainment of the age of the majority enables one to marry, consume alcohol, get a driver's license, vote in national elections, undertaking legal sexual relations and participating in creating legal contracts. Parents lessen their rules after adolescence and allow their offspring more freedom unlike during their teen years. Moreover, after maturity, the person is mandated to decide upon divorce of their parent, whom to stay with, contrary to younger minors. Adolescence leads to the adjustments of the brain, height, sex organs and weight. The changes enable a person to think discretely and increase their knowledge while being more sociable unlike in the past. The changes are gradual and take place during a person's teenage years. Stages of Adolescence Individuals undergo three typical stages of adolescence. The stages are manifested through different

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