an essay about relationship in early adulthood

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Student’s name Instructor’s name Psychology Date Relationships in Early Adulthood Young adults consistently interact with each other through social events or in their workplaces. Young adults are typically between the ages of 18-25 years, though other psychologists give it a wider band. The youths experience changing roles in their lives, as more individuals become self-reliant in the society. Psychologists intimate that the stage enhances a person’s cognitive abilities to withstand complex situations while improving their social skills. However, researchers have noted that men in the age bracket are likely to engage in violent actions, which has led to the death of thousands of men in the USA (Theobald and David 10). Similarly, women are likely to get eating disorders, illustrating why it is important for persons to manage their lives properly during that stage. Moreover, ISIS has been keen to recruit teens from across the globe, making parents more cautious in allowing more freedom to dependent offspring. Scientists confide that young adults are affected by their previous relationships in their lives. Distraught relationships with their parents, teens, and relatives during their social stages may affect their social life. Relationships in Early Adulthood Young adults form stable relationships and friendships that last for years. Persons above the age of 22 years already have made friendship in school, neighbourhood and with relatives. The scope of relationships has changed over the past few years with the introduction of social media. Today, more young adults become friends through social media and eventually get married accounting to more than 20% of

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