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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Internet and Mobile Phone Addiction Playing games on mobile phones and networking on social media is an important thing to very many people in the digital age. The phone enables us to do so many things that we cannot perform our daily duties without such devices. We so much depend on them. The features of games and internet had made me hold the cell phones with a high regard. Passing time, chatting with friends and family members is a great experience. Yes, it gives that feel you are part of a wider community.As always, there are a lot of stories to talk about and many games to play on cell phones. My personal exposures began with playing games on the computer at a tender age. As I can recall, I did not derive much entertainment from the machine in the initial stages. I saw them as something mysterious but always receive encouragement from my parents to try something on them. After some time, I developed an interest in the games and the satisfaction that they accorded me. Then, I did not know that it was a strategy for my parents to keep me busy so as not to mess around with things in the house. When I look back, it seems like the strategy worked very well. This is because I spent most of my time on the computer after leaving school and my mother seemed to be comfortable with the situation. Afterward, other gadgets known as Ipads and smartphones came to the scene. At this time, I was much older and more aware of the communication world. Smartphones and Ipads had better features than what I was used to. The games were more entertaining, and the internet provided other platforms to chat with people through social networking

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