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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research Introduction Qualitative market research involves various approaches that are useful in obtaining exploratory work, and it uses structured or unstructured techniques. It is the best method to use to learn what is in the consumer’s mind. The approaches involved in the qualitative research include focus groups and in-depth interviews. However, quantitative market research consists of the use of structured techniques such as consumer’s questionnaires and sample surveys. Due to the existing competitive space in the world extending the line of the products and obtaining new consumer segments can only be supported by conducting extensive research and analysis (Editorial Board 4). Therefore, the purpose of this memo is to describe quantitative and qualitative market research, their advantages, and how they can be used to market your new MM products. Qualitative research is a powerful tool in marketing as it provides insightful, detailed, and more descriptive information other than predictive and statistical data. The primary goal of this market research tool is to identify the consumer behaviors by getting to the root of their emotions, which drive them into buying various products and their motivation. The use of focus group, in-depth interviews helps the researcher create a rapport with the participants and encourage them to share their true feelings and stories using open-ended questions ("Learning From Experience: Aiming At The Right Target" 2). Additionally, one learns what the influence of packaging, design, and branding to consumer behaviors is. The best part about using qualitative

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