AMM U2DB peer responses #1 and #2 due 227

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Name Professor Course Date Responses on Marketing Research The first post is about one Michelle who wants to be helped on researching about the mobile phone market. Michelle aims to change from the old perspective where marketers would engage in marketing without prior research. She points at studying to know her market before starting production. To me, Michelle has an idea about research that the firm may engage in but is not sure. She is not sure if the study in her mind will serve the best interest. She, therefore, turns to a third person who is me to seek clarity on which may be the best research strategy. According to me, Michelle may be looking for a detailed report on research. She wants a story she can table before the board and convince it to use that research method. She comes to me therefore with the aim of getting a final report on research. The second post defines the two types of research and their pros and cons. The two responses in the post give a breakdown of the differences between qualitative and quantitative research (Neuman, 32). Quantitative research involves collecting data then making deductions while qualitative study explores the reason behind an action to come up with a conclusion. In my view, the best research method for mobile manufacturing incorporation is a combination of both. Although quantitative research may be costly, it uses numbers and chart which means its accuracy is high. However, it does not give the reasoning behind the outcome. On the other hand, qualitative market research explains the reasons behind the numbers we in quantitative analysis (Neuman, 36). On top of this, other factors need to be looked at when using

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